About ChickBites..

“Chickbites” is the newest venture of Ashbros Hotels Pvt Ltd in Hubli. The restaurant caters unexpected in-between-tasty-food urge in everyone. We offer an array of cuisine from Mexico, South Africa and the East, served as wraps, burgers, chips, with of course a little Indian pinch. We also serve you with a plethora of both hot and cold beverages.


Chickbites, is hangout adda for the yummy food lovers conscious of quality and freshness of the food. Every dish is made using standardised equipments with a minimal human intervention thus retaining the juicy flavors of the chicken and the spices.


This is second venture of Ashbros Hotels Pvt Ltd in Hubli after its success in the form of Hotel Metropolis And The Olive Garden & Olive Sagar Multi Cuisine Restaurants


ChickBites Infrastructure. . .